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We are the best in our trade of business
A 4000 sq. feet medical centre providing various services related to Skin, Hair, Figure and having an extended ayurvedic massage centre, medispa and salon.

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We add lives to yours years beautifully
We are amongst the most renowned beauty boutiques in India . We are known for our customer satisfaction and wide range of services.

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We need to understand what is skin and skin anatomy to know skin treatment and skin is vital part of our body, so skin care is equally important.skins are in diseases are treated by skin doctors & tips for glowing skin are advised by our skin specialist.In dermatology,to differentiate betwery dry skin & oily skin is essential to suggest right skin cream.

Giving every individual a good skin is the aim of our skin clinic Global times psoriasis is mistaken for dry skin,skin itching or skin irritation can be a serious problem with skin cells exfoliating.

Skin care products help to clear skin & treat skin conditions & skin lesions like itchy skin,skin rash,sensitive skin & other skin disorders,skin treatments like skin tags removal,wart & vitiligo white patches are treated with new procedures,skin pigmentations are treated with microdermabrasion & skin lightening creams.

Diseases or skin disorders vary from skin lesions,skin infection,skin rashes,skin allergies,fungus on skin,skin mole,warts,skin psoriasis etc.all skin problems are catered at GLOBAL ESTHETIQUES WITH HOMOEOPATHY TO treat oot cause of the human skin condition. As per the human skin conditions skin treatments are done with latest machines,skin products & skin care tips are suggested by our skin doctor.

Skin food is important for healthy skin.Dry skin can cause itching skin.For a beautiful skin right skin care products,skin peeling,oily skin care,healthy skin tips,vitamins for skin,skin rejuvenation,skin lightening treatment or skin whitening,skin tag removal,laser skin treatment,under eye dark circles are suggested as the need be. A face lift if above 30 years may be required.


Weight managementor weight loss with right diet helps weight loss correctly.Weight loss management with tips for weight loss,weight loss diet,simple weight loss exercise no doubt helps fast weight loss.But obesity or weight gain goes far beyond diet and exercise,lasting weight loss is a byproduct of a deeper healing your journey begins at GLOBAL ESTHETIQUES.


Hair loss is a serious problem treatment for hairfall,dandruff,premature graying is done at GLOBAL ESTHETIQUES.Causes of hairloss vary and so does cure for hairloss .How to prevent hair loss,hair loss remedies,cure for hair loss,home remedies for hair loss are suggested by our experts which helps to stop hair loss and regrow hair.Mesotherapy,stem cells & laser comb are the answers for hairfall today.

Similarly,unwanted hair growth is embarrassing.Extra hair growth on the body is treated with latest laser hair reduction machines.


At our spa & salon we have beauty & massage treatments like manicure,pedicure,waxing,facials,hair treatment- hair care,hair spa,straightening,thai massage,body aroma spa,foot spa …..etc.

All our valued customers vouch for GLOBAL ESTHETIQUES as the best spa & say it is “the spa”they are looking for.The beauty salon & spa salon treatments are of superior quality.GLOBAL ESTHETIQUES shows us what is spa.The facial skin is checked & as per the facial recognition te facial kit is selected.The facial mask & facial care is of superior quality.Also skin tips & hair tips are suggested,Hair straightening is followed by right hair products.

Learn & Earn at our beauty academy.

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