Figure is the cumulative product of a women’s skeletal structure and the quantity and distribution of muscle and fat on the body. There are and have been, wide differences on what can be considered as ideal or preferred body shapes for health and appeal. Ageing process has an inevitable impact on a person’s body shape. Esthetiques has launched various treatment programs for weight loss and weight gain. The programs are tailor made as per your time availability.
Inch Loss
Inch loss (Ayurvedic massage): During ancient times people used a natural way to lose body fat and weight through Ayurveda. We at ESTHETIQUES believe in herbs and herbal oils which helps a person to lose weight and inches in a few days or months duration.

In this treatment a person needs to come daily or on alternate days for massage. Oil tones the body and also refreshes the skin. Alongwith this program tucks are administered on the required body areas e.g tummy, hips, arms etc.
1. Inch loss varies from person to person.
2. A person loses his/her inches and weight depending upon the program duration.
3. Feel fresh, energetic, and more confident with the firm and toned body you always desired.
1. Daily consumption of 3 to 4 litres of water.
2. Daily 20 mins brisk walk.
3. Healthy diet with fresh fruits & salads.
4. Eat small quantities at frequent intervals.

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