A facial helps to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin making it clear, soft, glowing and well-hydrated. Facial is the second most popular spa treatment and can be done once in 30 days. This treatment de toxifies, relaxes the tense & tired facial muscles.
Types Of Facial
 1. Clean Up (Oily Skin)
 2. Detox (Nourishment)
 3. De-Tan (Sun Tan)
 4. Badam Kesar (Vitamin E)
 5. Glo-Vite (Whitening Facial)
 6. Tan Clear (Tan Removal)
 7. Vita Lift (Instant Face Lift)
 8. Herbal (Sensitive Skin)
 9. Lustre / Gold (Bridal)
10. Diamond (Bridal)
11. Cindrella (Bridal)
Bleaching helps to eliminate unwanted dark spots and lighten dark hair.
1. Oxy Bleach
2. Oxyderm Bleach (Boosts Oxygen)
3. Herbal Bleach (Sensitive Skin)

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