Hair Spa

Hair spa is a treatment that conditions your scalp, softens your hair and the massage that follows relaxes you, all at the same time. Hair spa treatment makes your damaged hair (by sun, wind, hair-coloring, blow-drying etc) silky , shiny, bouncy thus pampering you all the way.
Types Of Hair Spa
1. L'oreal Hair Spa
2. Herbal Hair Spa
Head Massage
Head Massage is particularly beneficial for alleviating stress, tension, fatique, insomnia, headache, migraine & sinusitis. It promotes relaxation and improves memory. Regular head massage nourishes scalp and helps stop hairfall, hair thinning & dandruff.
Esthetiques Head Massage
1. Head Massage (Relieves stress & improves blood circulation)
2. Herbal Head Massage with Herbal Pack (Stops hair fall, dandruff, promotes new growth)

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