Skin Glow

Get your skin glowing at Esthetiques...
Skin talks, skin breathes. Our stressful routine makes it dull and lifeless. At ESTHETIQUES we help you restore and maintain its natural glow, by our advance treatment - Skin Glow.

At ESTHETIQUES, our expert skin professionals understand your specific needs and guide you about the treatment that has to be followed.
Experience and feel the touch and glow at Esthetiques…
Glow & Whitening
Its a treatment for all skin types beyond the age of 16 years. Cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing are the 3 steps in this treatment. We use microdermabrasion, party peel, vitamin serum and glow pack for instant glow.
Reduces tan, increases the moisture level of the skin, and gives it a smooth glowing texture.
1. Daily twice cleanser toner moisturizer & SPF recommended as per skin type.
2. Proper intake of diet and water is necessary.

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