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Hold wrinkles and reverse the clock of ageing…
Stay young & feel young, at ESTHETIQUES. The first sign of ageing shows in our 30’s. Harsh sun rays, environmental damages, stress and disease leads to thinning out of the skin & using its ability of seff prepare with age. As a result our skin is prone to fine lines, crowfeet, laugh lines, drooping eyelids and sagging jawline.

At ESTHETIQUES, our experts design a line of treatment where the cause is treated internally by homeopathy (especially diseased conditions) and externally with a range of methods. The services designed, help you reverse the clock of ageing.
As years passby, our skin begins to wrinkle. However, there are many factors- but most common among them are ageing, sun exposure, daily use of facial muscles, smoking and imbalanced diet. Botox is one of the most popular and instant treatment, for temporary wrinkle removal and anti ageing.

Botox is a natural and safe purified protein, which works by relaxing facial muscles that contract and cause wrinkles due to muscle movements. Wrinkles will smoothen out over a few months and restore a youthful look.
Give your face a new look.

The newest technology in wrinkle treatment and facial enhancement without surgery. These so called derma fillers can be injected into the laugh lines (nasolabial folds) that stretch from your nose to the side of your mouth. Fillers are also used to increase the volume of your lips, giving a more healthy and vital appearance.

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