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Hold wrinkles and reverse the clock of ageing…
Stay young & feel young, at ESTHETIQUES. The first sign of ageing shows in our 30’s. Harsh sun rays, environmental damages, stress and disease leads to thinning out of the skin & using its ability of seff prepare with age. As a result our skin is prone to fine lines, crowfeet, laugh lines, drooping eyelids and sagging jawline.

At ESTHETIQUES, our experts design a line of treatment where the cause is treated internally by homeopathy (especially diseased conditions) and externally with a range of methods. The services designed, help you reverse the clock of ageing.
Mini lift is a treatment using the principal of isometrics i.e. tensing and releasing of the muscles for equal amounts of time.

What It Does - Makes the face look younger by tightening the muscles of the neck and face. It also Improves Cell Metabolism.

Suitable: This is an anti-ageing treatment for mature and loose skin. It is not suitable for Sensitive and Acne skin.
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrates dry skin and also tightens loose or saggy skin. Improves uneven skin tone and texture.
Proper home care products as recommended by our expert. Proper day care and night care regimen to be followed along with the treatment.

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