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Hold wrinkles and reverse the clock of ageing…
Stay young & feel young, at ESTHETIQUES. The first sign of ageing shows in our 30’s. Harsh sun rays, environmental damages, stress and disease leads to thinning out of the skin & using its ability of seff prepare with age. As a result our skin is prone to fine lines, crowfeet, laugh lines, drooping eyelids and sagging jawline.

At ESTHETIQUES, our experts design a line of treatment where the cause is treated internally by homeopathy (especially diseased conditions) and externally with a range of methods. The services designed, help you reverse the clock of ageing.
Non Surgical Face Lift
Of the new crop of skin tightening procedures, the two that are best known are the proprietary procedures Thermage and Titan - using radio frequency, laser light or intense pulse light. While these two treatments utilize different proprietary technology, the idea is essentially the same. They both aim to heat the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) in order to effect a “healing response”. This healing response encourages increased collagen production and remodeling of existing collagen. Supportive underlying tissues of the skin contract, resulting in a tighter, more uplifted appearance to the skin.

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